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Waterproof Tough Mount Case for iPhone 6 6S 4.7

Taking your iPhone 6 6s on your motorcycle trip? This tough waterproof motorcycle case by Ultimateaddons will allow you to mount your iPhone 6 4.7" to your motorcycle which in turn makes it ideal for using as Satnav / Communications / Audio.

This tough case has been designed specifically for mounting to motorcycles which keeping your iPhone powered. At the bottom of the case you will find a waterproof cable entry system which will allow an Ultimateaddons power cable to inserted while offering great protection against the elements.

Designed specifically for the Apple iPhone 6 4.7" while allowing for use of all the major phone functions while still in this case.  Please ensure that your phone is the 4.7" and not the 5.5" which requires a different case available to buy from here.

Please note that this products is for the case only. You may choose a suitable attachment from the link here.

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