Waterproof Cover for Dual USB Hard Wire and Din Cable with 2 Micro USB

This waterproof cover has been designed to work with the Hard Wire Dual USB Charger and 3.3 Amp Motorcycle Din Hella Socket Dual USB Charger. The dual USB connectors simply slot over these chargers, creating a waterproof seal along with 2 Micro USB cable lengths, allowing the user  to charge up to 2 devices. If you use an Apple 8 pin device it is possible to use our adapter cable to convert the Micro USB to Apple 8 Pin device (Apple 8 Pin to Micro USB Adapter available to buy separately).

The dual USB charger can fit onto the handlebar mounting brackets, these are available as single or dual hole options, allowing you to use various charging options on your [vehicle]. Both of the Micro USB connnectors have rubber wateproof covers to protect them while not in use. This is an ideal cable to have if you need to keep various devices charged while travelling, simply use with the Dual USB Charger and mount to your handlebar or leave under your seat if you prefer not to mount it.