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Ultimateaddons Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus Tough Waterproof Case

The Ultimateaddons tough waterproof case for the Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (Plus Larger model) is ideal for using your phone as a sat nav while on your motorcycle.
Below are some options, you may only need the case on it's own, or the option to have a male or female 1" ball adapter plate to fit to some existing mounting kit.  If you wish to buy this with a mounting attachment, please view our various mounting kits available on the website.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus Tough Case - (Included)
Ultimateaddons® Dedicated IPX 5 rated waterproof tough case will help protect your Galaxy S9 Plus while mounted with access to Smartphone functions, Fingerprint recognition, Volume + Power + Charger.  See full details about the case from the link above.

3 Prong Female Adapter (Optional)
If you already have a 25mm 1" ball attachment connected to your motorcycle you can use this 25mm to 3 prong adapter to connect to Ultimateaddons cases / holders. 

3 Prong Male Adapter Plate (Optional)
25mm / 1" male adapter to our 3 prong connection system has been designed to allow users to connect their case or holder to any other 25mm / 1" ball mounting system. 

3 Prong Adapter Plate with Amps 4 Hole Layout (Optional)
The adapter plate simply screws onto a 4 hole amps layout and has 3 prongs on the opposite side.