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U-bolt Metal Muvi K-2 Sport Motorcycle Handlebar Mount Kit

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This motorcycle mounting kit for the Muvi K-2 Sport action camera is ideal for a wide range of motorcycles with rounded handlebars. 

25mm to Flat 
This adapter is ideal for the motorcyclists that like to do track days and want to be able to record their track day sessions to help improve or upload to youtube to let your friends watch.

Metal U-Bolt Handlebar Attachment 
This kit is provided with 2 lengths of U-Bolt, making it versatile to work with a wider range of bars.

1) 16-20mm U-Bolt Diameter
2) 25-32mm U-Bolt Diameter

if you want more flexibility with the positioning of the Muvi K-2 Sport camera or if you want to add extra height ideal if you use a tank bag is select the 3" extender.