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Samsung Galaxy S9 Tough Waterproof Case

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Ultimateaddons Samsung Galaxy S9 waterproof tough mount case offers ultimate protection and functionality for your smartphone.
With access to tall the phones main function buttons and rated to IPX5 helping protect it from the elements.
Below are some options, you may only need the case on it's own, or the option to have a male or female 1" ball adapter plate to fit to some existing mounting kit. 

Samsung Galaxy S9 Tough Case - (Included)
Ultimateaddons® Dedicated IPX 5 rated waterproof tough case will help protect your Galaxy S9 while mounted with access to Smartphone functions, Fingerprint recognition, Volume Bixby Power Charger Headphone Access.

3 Prong Female Adapter (Optional)
If you already have a 25mm 1" ball attachment connected to your motorcycle you can use this 25mm to 3 prong adapter to connect to Ultimateaddons cases / holders.

3 Prong Male Adapter Plate (Optional)
25mm / 1" male adapter to our 3 prong connection system has been designed to allow users to connect their case or holder to any other 25mm / 1" ball mounting system. Various mounting systems connect with 25mm / 1" ball and sockets.

3 Prong Adapter Plate with Amps 4 Hole Layout (Optional)
The adapter plate simply screws onto a 4 hole amps layout and has 3 prongs on the opposite side.

4 Prong Adapter Plate with Amps 4 Hole Layout V2 (Optional)
UltimateAddons 3 prong adapter plate with 4 hole Amps connector has been designed to allow users to use their existing 4 hole AMPS layout mounting attachments with any of the UltimateAddons holders & cases which are fitted with the unique 3 prong patented design. This is the V2 version which may only fit onto fittings which have access to the base allowing the locking notch to be released.