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Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 Pro Motorbike Phone Case Mount Kit

This motorcycle phone mount kit from Ultimateaddons will allow you to mount your Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 smartphone onto a wide range of motorcycles. This mounting kit includes the new Ultimateaddons professional handlebar attachment which supports 19-33mm bars.

Water Resistant Smartphone Case - (Included)
Universal water resistant Samsung Galaxy A5 2017 mount case from Ultimateaddons will help protect your Smartphone from the elements while mount to your motorcycle.  This water resistant case has two zips to allow you to connect a charger to the Smartphone to power as you go. 

Internal Case Dimensions = 78x160x10mm

Pro Handlebar Attachment - (Included) 
This professional Motorcycle attachment will allow you to do just that. This attachment will attach to your motorcycle handlebars securely and can be used on a variety of handle bar diameters ranging from approximately 19-33mm