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Samsung Galaxy S9 Motorcycle Mirror Mounting Tough Case Kits

  • Do you want to be able to mount your Samsung Galaxy S9 onto your motorcycle / scooters mirrors?  Ultimateaddons offer a range of mirror mounting attachments to suit different styles of bikes, the M10 Stud attachment is ideal if you have barend mirrors fitted.  You are going to be taking your Samsung phone with you so why not mount it to your motorcycle for Satnav / Intercoms / Music while your riding.

    . IPX5 Waterproof Rating
    . 3 Prong Connection System
    . External Power Connection Compatible
    . Camera - Front & Rear
    . Touch Screen compatible
    . Access To Most Phone Functions
    . Range of mirror mounting attachment styles
  • Included

    1. Tough Case
    2. 25mm to 3 Prong Adapter
    3. Mirror Mounting Attachment