Motorbike Water Resistant IPX4 Soft Case for Apple iPhone X

Product Description

The Ultimateaddons water resistant case for Apple iPhone X is ideal for using your phone as a sat nav while on your motorcycle. Below are some options available with the case, you may only need the case on it's own, or the option to have a male or female 1" ball adapter, or AMPS plate to fit to some existing mounting kit.  If you are looking to mount this onto your motorcycle please see our Touring Kits where bundled kits are available including Various attachments.

Ultimateaddons Water Resistant Case - 160 x 75 x 10cm
Ultimateaddons extra large water resistant mount case will help protect your mobile device while outdoors, fitting most larger phones with dimensions of approximately 160 x 75 x 10mm. This case has 2 zips with rubber grip to ensure quick and easy access to your mobile device and its charging port while in the case.  There is also a rubber band to cover the zips.

3 Prong Female Adapter (Optional)
If you already have a 25mm 1" ball attachment connected to your motorcycle you can use this 25mm to 3 prong adapter to connect to Ultimateaddons cases / holders. Please note that this is compatible with a range of manufacturers but is designed to work with Ultimateaddons. This is now supplied with new locking mechanism on the 3 prong attachment.

3 Prong Male Adapter Plate (Optional)
Ultimateaddons® 25mm / 1" male adapter to our 3 prong connection system has been designed to allow users to connect their case or holder to any other 25mm / 1" ball mounting system. Various mounting systems connect with 25mm / 1" ball and sockets. This secure attachment offers the option of using Ultimateaddons cases and holders with existing kit.

3 Prong Adapter Plate with Amps 4 Hole Layout (Optional)
The adapter plate simply screws onto a 4 hole amps layout and has 3 prongs on the opposite side, allowing the user to attach the Ultimateaddons® Branded Holder or Case. This offers flexibility for users to mix and match their new & existing mounting accessories.

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