Huawei Honor 8 Motorbike Pro Handlebar Mount IPX4 Case

Product Description

This motorcycle mounting kit from Ultimateaddons will allow you to mount your Huawei Honor 8 onto a wide range of motorcycles. This mounting kit includes the new Ultimateaddons professional handlebar attachment which supports 19-33mm bars.

Water Resistant Smartphone Case - (Included)
Universal water resistant Smartphone mount case from Ultimateaddons will help protect your Huawei Honor 8 from the elements while mount to your motorcycle.  This water resistant case has two zips to allow you to connect a charger to the Smartphone to power as you go. 

Internal Case Dimensions = 78x160x10mm

Pro Handlebar Attachment - (Included) 
This professional Motorcycle attachment will allow you to do just that. This attachment will attach to your motorcycle handlebars securely and can be used on a variety of handle bar diameters ranging from approximately 19-33mm




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