Garmin Virb Motorcycle Clamp Bolt Camera Mounting Kit

Product Description
Mount your Garmin Virb series action camera to your motorcycle handlebar clamp bolts. This is a strong and secure way to attach your action camera to your motorcycle, simply replace one of your existing bolts, add the 25mm to flat surface adapter.

25mm to Flat - (Included)
This adapter is ideal for the motorcyclists that like to do track days and want to be able to record their track day sessions to help improve or upload to youtube to let your friends watch.

Handlebar Clamp Bolt Attachment
The kit is available in 3 sizes M6, M8, M10 size screw and a 1" (25mm) Ball Mount, allowing various holders to be attached. This type of mount is ideal for those who do not want the handlebars of their Motorcycle to be cluttered.  

Please note that the supplied bolt lengths are approx: 55/60/65mm, once you attach the 1" ball attachment to the screw head the thread length that will go into the handlebars are approx: 27/32/37mm.

Extender - (Optional)
if you want more flexibility with the positioning of the action camera or if you want to add extra height.

Want to mount your Drift action camera onto your motorcycle, cant find anywhere to mount it to?  This motorcycle mounting kit is ideal for a wide range of motorbikes that have access to their handlebar clamp bolts.   


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