Galaxy Note 4 Scooter 3M Case Mounting Kit Ultimateaddons

Product Description

Scooter / moped mounting kit from Ultimateaddons will allow you to mount your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the fairings using a very strong and secure 3M adeshive mounting attachment.   This mounting kit will help protect your Samsung Galaxy Note 4 from rain, dust, mud and much more. 

Water Resistant Smartphone Case - (Included)
Universal water resistant Galaxy Note 4 mount case from Ultimateaddons will help protect your Smartphone from the elements while mount to your motorcycle. This water resistant case has two zips to allow you to connect a charger to the Smartphone to power as you go. 

Internal Case Dimensions = 78x160x10mm

3M Large Adhesive Attachment - (Included)
Ultimateaddons® scooter / moped 3M adhesive fairing mounting attachment can be used with any of the Ultimateaddons® 3 prong compatible cases / holders. This attachment requires approximately 50x60mm surface to mount securely. 




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