Galaxy A7 Sports Motorcycle Water Resistant Case Mount Kit

Product Description

Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 motorcycle sportsbike with water resistant mount case kit.  We are happy to offer the strong and secure Ultimateaddons fork stem mounting attachment, this attachment is suitable for sportsbikes, sports touring where you have no space on the handlebars.

Water Resistant Smartphone Case - (Included)
Universal water resistant Galaxy A7 2017 mount case from Ultimateaddons will help protect your Smartphone from the elements while mount to your motorcycle.  This water resistant case has two zips to allow you to connect a charger to the Smartphone to power as you go. Internal  Case Dimensions = 78x160x10mm

25mm to 3 Prong Adapter - (Included) 
3 prong socket plate is designed to allow Ultimateaddons® 3 Prong holders and cases to be connected. 

Fork Stem - (Included) 
Simply measure the diameter of the fork stem and choose how you want to charge your Samsung Galaxy A7 2017 while mounted.  

Extender - (Optional)
if you want more flexibility with the positioning of the Galaxy A7 or if you want to add extra height ideal if you use a tank bag is select the 3" extender.

Fork Stem Size



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