Apple iPhone 6 6s Plus Motorcycle Dedicated Holder Mirror V2 Touring Kit

Product Description

Dedicated motorcycle mirror mounting kit for the Apple iPhone 6 6s Plus is ideal for for any motorcycle where you have mirrors / fairing frame / crossbars with a diameter of 8-16mm. This dedicated holder kit for Apple iPhone 6 6s is ideal for summer months or if your going into warmer climates where you don't want the iPhone to overheat while in a case 

Dedicated Holder
The Ultimateaddons® dedicated holder is bespoke specifically for the Apple IPhone 6s Plus and locks around the device securely. 

25mm to 3 Prong Adapter  
3 prong socket plate is designed to allow Ultimateaddons® 3 Prong holders and cases to be connected. 

Mirror V2 Attachment
This attachment has been designed to fit between the mirror and the handlebar. Simply measure the thread diameter of your mirror and use either the 8mm or 10mm adapters to fit between the mirror and the handlebar. With an adjustable locking screw the angle of attachment can be adjusted and can be set to vertical position when not in use.

Charging Methods
Hardwire Kit simply connects to the battery terminals and Din / Hella is a popular accessory port found on motorcycles.

if you want more flexibility with the positioning of the iPhone 6 6s Plus or if you want to add extra height ideal if you use a tank bag is select the 3" extender.

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