Apple iPhone 5C Motorcycle Mirror Mount Universal Holder Kit

Product Description

Motorcycle mirror mount with Universal One Holder for Apple iPhone 5C from Ultimateaddons. This M10 stud attachment is ideal way to mount your Apple iPhone 5C onto your motorbikes handlebars.

Universal One Holder- (Included)
Are you looking for a holder you can mount in the car, transfer to your motorcycle when you go out a run at the weekends?   This one holder by Ultimateaddons will support not only the Samsung Galaxy S8+ but also Smartphones with dimensions of
Width 50-80mm,
Height 120-170mm
and Depth 5-15mm

25mm to 3 Prong Adapter - (Included)
3 prong socket plate is designed to allow Ultimateaddons® 3 Prong holders and cases to be connected. 

M10 Stud - (Included)
One of Ultimateaddons® latest additions to its vehicle mounting range is the M10 bolt attachment supplied in both 1.25 and 1.5 pitch. This short attachment is ideal for replacing a mirror on you vehicle to give you an 25mm 1" ball mounting point.

Extender - (Optional)
if you want more flexibility with the positioning of the smartphone or if you want to add extra height ideal if you use a tank bag is select the 3" extender.





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