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Adjustable Motorcycle Holder Clamp Bolt Kit Apple iPhone 6 7 8

  • Looking to mount your Apple iPhone 6 7 8 to your motorcycle for satnav? This holder is designed to hold a range of phones with Width 50-80mm, Height 120-170mm, Depth 5-15mm meaning if you replace your iPhone you wont have to replace the holder.  This mounting kit is designed to replace one of your existing clamp bolts, very secure mounting point.  

    . Universal Holder
    . Waterproof Pouch
    . 3 Prong Connection System
    . External Power Connection Compatible
    . Access To All Phone Functions
    . Strong Clamp Bolt, Ideal For Adventure Bikes
  • Included

    1. Universal Holder
    2. 25mm to 3 Prong Adapter
    3. Clamp Bolt Attachment


    1. 3" Extender