3.3A Dual USB Din Hella Motorcycle Adapter with Cable Options

Product Description
This 3.3 Amp Motorcycle Din Hella adapter with 2 USB ports is available with USB Cables designed to fit the Tough Case range by Ultimateaddons.  An ideal solution for charging a wide range of mobile devices while connected to your motorcycle din socket. Use the power direct from your female din socket to keep gadgets charged while on the move.  

With 3.3 Amps of output power this will charge various handheld devices including phones and tablets at a fast charge rate. This adapter is easy to use, the male DIN connector simply slots into the existing female din socket on the motorcycle, then plug in your compatible USB charger cables direct to your device. There is an rubber water resistant cap to help protect the USB ports when not in use.

Various cables with different connectors (charger types) available to select below.

Charger Type



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