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Dango Design Action Camera Gripper Mount - Universal for Helmets and various surfaces

Are you tired of spending more time setting up your mount than getting the shot? Worse yet, have you cringed at the thought of permanently adhering a plastic piece to your shiny new helmet, ride, or other prized possession?

With the all new Dango Design gripper mount, any object can quickly and easily become a mount. It is time to finally free your GoPro and live life unmounted!

Perfect for all the Vbloggers out there who love to record their ride, with a huge range of options on where you can mount your action camera with this sturdy Gripper mount!


Gripper jaws clamp to irregular shapes and slippery surfaces, such as your helmet, handlebars, or your vehicle.
Slim yet durable construction allows the Gripper Mount to slip effortlessly into tight situations.
Easily movable and serves as a quick-attach fixed mount, handheld stabilizer, or mini tripod.
Flexible front web conforms to your object.
Robust dual torsion spring provides strong clamping force.
2-axis rotation for flexible and quick adjustment to reposition your camera for that perfect shot.

Compatible with ¼ in 20 mounted digital action cameras (accessory pack required for this - also available to buy) and all GoPro® camera models, DJI OSMO Action Mount for all Powersports and action sports, including ATVs, motorcycles, bicycles, snowboarding, skiing, surfing, kayaking, motocross, and more!