Single Handlebar Mounting Bracket with various Charger Options

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This handlebar mount has 1 bracket suitable for holding various compatible hard wire chargers. Power your mobile devices straight from your battery and mount the chargers with this mounting accessory.

Dual USB 

Power various devices including phones, tablets, satellite navigations and various other gadgets which charge with a standard vehicle cigarette lighter charger with an output up to 2 amps for faster charging. This charger has an auto off feature and if the USB cable is removed and the cover is used then the charger will turn itself off. 

Dual USB  + Dual Micro

12v Hardwire cable to 5V Dual USB - The dual USB connectors simply slot over this charger, creating a waterproof seal along with 2 Micro USB cable lengths, allowing the user access to charge up to 2 devices. 

12V Accessory Socket

12v Hardwire to 12v Accessory Socket - The cigarette lighter socket has a tough waterproof dust cap cover protecting it from the weather. The cable length to connect directly to the battery and power switch is approximately 1.2 metres long and includes an in-line fuse. The power supply will only function when the is running.


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