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Ultimateaddons 1.5m USB Cable for Use with Ultimateaddons Hard Wire Adapter Cables

This cable has been designed to allow users who already own an Ultimateaddons® hard wire adapter cable and wish to connect it to charge while away from their motorcycle or scooter.  This is designed for use with any of the Ultimateaddons® hard wire or din motorcycle charging kits and will allow users to use these cables with USB, either to connect to a PC or laptop or to use with a USB Mains or Car Adapter.

Ideal for use if you have an Ultimateaddons® Hard Waterproof Tough Case for your device.  This will allow you to charge your device while it is in the case.
This cable is approximately 1.5 metres long.

Please note that this does not include the hard wire device connector cables, it is just the connection allowing the other cables to be connected. These cables are available in our shop in various connections including, mini usb, micro usb, apple 30 pin dock connector, apple lightning connector and samsung galaxy Micro USB case connectors along with USB Type C.