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Apple iPhone 6 7 8 Tough Waterproof Sportsbike Motorcycle Mount Kit

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  • Looking to find somwhere suitable to mount / attach your Apple iPhone 6 7 8 smartphont to your to your sportsbike / sports touring motorcycle?.  Thanks to Ultimateaddons their fork stem mounting attachment makes it easy, simply measure the Internal disamter of the hole to find the correct size. 

    You are going to be taking your iPhone 6 7 8 with you so why not mount it to your motorcycle for Satnav / Intercoms / Music while your riding.

    If you ride a sportsbike or sports tourer motorcycle where you have limited space on your handlebars the fork stem attachment is the recommended mounting option.
    . IPX5 Waterproof Rating
    . 3 Prong Connection System
    . External Power Connection Compatible
    . Camera - Front & Rear
    . Touch Screen compatible
    . Access To Most iPhone Functions
    . Designed for Sports / Sports Touring Motorcycles
  • Included

    1. Tough Case
    2. 25mm to 3 Prong Adapter
    3. Fork Stem Attachment


    1. 3" Extender