Weekend of the Triumph Trifest Ullapool Sept 16-19

Weekend of the Triumph Trifest Ullapool Sept 16-19

The KTM was new a back tyre, yet again it really does destroy back tyres or perhaps thats just me.   Typical for me i book the MOT and get the new back tyre fitted at the sametime to find out that there is a biking event on over the weekend in Ullapool.  The Triumph Trifest event.   

There are limited places up north to get your bike MOT'd, Spiningdale motors is on the east coast and it goes to mostly single track road which a lot of bikers may not like on big heavy bikes but can be really good fun.  Weather was great on Friday, very very warm for this part of the country and was a very enjoyable run.  

Below is a snap from the GoPro mounted using a chest strap with the Galaxy S7 motorcycle handlebar clamp bolt kit

KTM Samsung Galaxy S7 Motorcycle Touring Kit.

I stayed over in Embo for a couple of nights to make the most of the weekend and headed back on Monday morning to try and get a look at some of the Triumphs. I really wish i had taken the battery charger for the GoPro but stupid me forgot.  

My ride home would have made for a great motorcycle safety video, round one bend i had several Grouse decide to take off right in front of me, then a few miles on and riding through the thick haar i had two Sika deer jump across the single track road nearly wiping me out.  I had my fill of wildlife by that point.  What was extremely noticeable was the temperature dropping for about 12 degrees as it was still early morning to 5 degrees when riding through the haar.  Photo does not really do it justice as some parts visibility was shockingly poor. 

Riding Through The Haar

 Anyway enough with that, now time to see some really cool old and new Triumphs. 

Classic Triumphs In Ullapool

 I was told that there were loads more bikes over the weekend, just a lot left trying to beat the weather home.  Photo taken looking back across Ullapool pier. 

Trifest Ullapool - Triumph Owners Club

Have to admit i have a bit of a soft spot for the Triumph Tripple, never owned one but always liked the look of them just don't think i would go for an inline 4 again loving the revvy twins.  

Lovely lovely Triumph

 And now for another classic, sitting along side a monster. 

Classic Triumphs

Looks like a bad ass biker and could not be further from the truth. 


Bad Ass Biker - Trifest Ullapool


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