Teach Your Kids To Count Bikes On Car Journeys

Teach Your Kids To Count Bikes On Car Journeys
Came across this online and it is such a good idea and hopefully will make a bit of a difference when it comes people seeing motorcyclists.   Im always looking to see if i can recognise the Make / Model of bikes that i see on the road. 

I was heading home from a weekend in Glasgow visiting family, same weekend that the Thunder In The Glens motorcycle rally was on.  If you don't know about Thunder In The Glens click here.  

Decided to play a little game with my two kids, one is 4 and other is 8 about how many bikes they think we would see before we reached Aviemore (where Thunder In The Glens is hosted) about 85 miles up the very boring A9.  For a trip of this length normally have to put a DVD on for them as its pretty boring drive however playing this game kept them occupied as they both picked a number and whoever got the closest would win, we first started with 40 and 60 but we ended up seeing 178 motorcycles ranging from Harley Davidsons to Fireblades.  This was early morning so not many bikers would have been up yet as there were approximately 4000 motorcycles attending.

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  • Steven Gourlay
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