Road Conditions in the Highlands of Scotland

Road Conditions in the Highlands of Scotland

I took this photo while out a run on my KTM, it goes to show how the Highland council are repairing the roads in the Scottish Highlands.  

This patch on my left is loose gravel that has been put down and they compact it to a point but then expect vehicles to bed it in properly.  That is not so bad if you are on 4 wheels but i despise this method when on my bike simply because you don't know how much grip your going to get, how loose is it really?

You can see from the photo how much narrower it makes the road and in this case is pushing me out towards the the white line a wee bit.    

When they first started doing this up here, i went for a run north and bear in mind the road is national speed limit so 60mph and as i went over the brow of the hill to find the bottom of the hill was all resurfaced with this loose gravel and the bike was all over the place...... not good.  

I know people are going to say ride to the speed of the road conditions however when your already setup for bend coming up and you then see this loose crap there is not much you can do. 

Old photo taken of my GoPro on the way down to Torridon, lovely view but what a state to leave the road.  I was looking ahead and did slow down a fair bit for this, my eye was drawn to the crap on the left but at this point you can see the gravel in the middle.  As its single track you always expect there to be a bit of gravel in the middle so i tend to ride in the gutter so to speak close to the left. 

The crap on the left made me move more to the middle of the single track to find even more gravel, back end slide out a tad. 

Patches instead of doing the whole part of the road..... this drives me nuts its like plasters. 

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  • Steven Gourlay
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