A visit to Moto Madrid - The largest motorcycle show in Spain

A visit to Moto Madrid - The largest motorcycle show in Spain

Moto Madrid is the largest Spanish motorcycle show, we thought we would hop on a plane and see what all the fuss was about.  The 2017 motorcycle show was located in Casa De Campo about 1 hour away from the airport via a couple of train hops or you could always ride there (would have loved to but did not have the time).   Do the Spanish like their bikes, well of course they do, not just motorbikes they love their scooters as well. 


Moto Madrid

Buy your ticket in advance, or else you will end up in a mile long queue waiting, like we ended up doing.  Like most motorcycle shows there are always a mix of different stereotype motorcyclists, the power rangers (sportsbike riders), the cruisers (leather clad big beards :-)  and of course the Son's Of Anarchy fans. 

Spain Motorcycle Show

What i noticed straight away was the amount of people at the show, yes the UK shows get a lot of interest but this show was packed for the time we were there, this is the back end of the show just where you go out to grab a burger or a beer and it was the quietest time, the photo makes it look a lot quieter than it actually was.  

Triumph Speed Cup Motorcycle Accessories

I was never a big fan of the cafe racer, classic looking bikes but they are really starting to grow on me now.  What was evident at the show was a lot of manufactures were pushing these models a lot in Spain, above the Triumph Street Cup was getting a lot of attention, same with the rather retro looking Royal Enfields.   I have to admit i could see myself bobbing about the city on one of these, but is it more of a fashion statement than a bike?  

 Royal Enfield Motorcycle Accessories

Oh i nearly forgot about Mash motorcycles & Astor, there were a good amount of these retro bikes on display, does seem like a big surge in retro bikes or is that me just starting to notice them more then older i get.... 

BMW motorcycle mounts and accessories

I am not a massive fan of the modern BMW bikes styling, they are a bit like marmite you either love it or hate it.  However they got the curves right on this.

Honda New Adventure Scooter

OK i will put my hands up ive not been on a scooter since i was on a 18-30's holiday in Greece which i can tell you was many moons ago.  I could never get used to sitting with my closed (no cheeky comments please :-), it just did not feel natural for me and i never really rushed back to get on one again.  However looking at Honda's X-ADV Scooter i will be honest i thought this looked like great fun, could see myself blasting about on one of these when on holiday next.  They do look like great fun however a heavy price tag of just over 9K in the UK.   I will be keeping my eye open to see if / when our local Honda dealer will be doing some road tests days as i do fancy giving this a little blast about.


Honda X-ADV Scooter Mounts  There are plenty of mounting options with the Honda X-ADV scooter, however i would point out the the handlebar clamp bolts are recessed which could possible cause some issues with the Ultimateaddons handlebar clamp bolt attachment.  That little screen you can see in the centre of the bars is a display for showing your gear selection etc, is it really necessary?  


404 Not Found - KTM Kawasaki
Could not find any official KTM, could not find official Kawazaki stand......

After browsing around the new bikes i realised that i had not seen an official KTM & Kawasaki stand which i was really surprised with, why would they not think the biggest bike show in Spain would be worth attending?  I was really looking forward to sitting on the new Superduke as well.  Surely there is enough bikers in Spain to warrant a show from the franchise owners....  Anyway time to move on.  


Yamaha R1 Fork Stem Mount

Yamaha  well lets just say the Yamaha stand was too busy to get any decent photos, the Yamaha R1 / R6 people were queuing to get to sit on it take a photo of them on it, swap with their girl friend and so on and on and on :-).    You can see clear access for a fork stem attachment to be used.  The yoke has a fair amount of cut outs to reduce weight and the fork stem is not too close to the petrol tank.    

Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade Fork Stem Attachment

Honda CBR 1000RR Fireblade was getting a lot of attention at Madrid for obvious reasons.  This is a good example of some bike manufacturers put plastic / rubber caps to cover the fork stem.  You simply need to put this cover off to allow the fork stem attachment to be fitted.    


More to follow :-). 

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