Ultimateaddons Tough Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

Ultimateaddons Tough Waterproof Case for Samsung Galaxy S8

If you own a Samsung Galaxy S8 Smartphone and are looking for the best motorcycle waterproof case, these cases from Ultimateaddons are designed for mounting and charging while riding.  

The Samsung Galaxy S8 comes in two different sizes so Ultimateaddons have developed two unique cases moulded specifically for each model, the standard S8 and the S8+, this page will cover both cases as they only differ in size, the features are the same on both. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Tough Case By Ultimateaddons

Ultimateaddons make these cases to last, the hard outer shell of this case is made with durable plastic which will help protect your Galaxy S8 from scratches and knocks. The inside has a customised rubber insert which is moulded to snuggly fit around the the smartphone,  helping protect from impacts while offering access to the main phone functions.  Please note that you will have to remove any bumper cases before inserting your Smartphone into the case.

The silicone buttons have been designed to be large so they can be easily used while wearing motorcycle gloves.  On the right side there is on/off switch. To the left there are the volume buttons and to the base there is access to the headphone socket with an improved rubber cap to cover the socket while not in use, and the charging port for Ultimateaddons hard wire charging cable (please note that only the Ultimateaddons cables will fit this case, other cables may not fit).  

The reason behind Ultimateaddons creating their own USB Type C connector is simply due to the fact that manufactures do not use a uniform housing for the cable, some of the cable connectors vary in size and shape and due to this water resistant levels are reduced. 

Tough Waterproof Mount Case by Ultimateaddons for Samsung Galaxy S8

On the front and rear there are transparent cut outs for the camera and earpiece functions, making it ideal for using the camera function to take photo's or videos while the phone is protected in it's case.  

There is also a finger print recognition area on the rear of the case, please note that you will have to re add your fingerprint to your Samsung Galaxy S8 while in the case if you wish to use this feature. 

The case locks with 2 super strong easy accessible clips and 3 new pressure clips this gives the case a water-tight seal around the Galaxy S8 with the touch screen is still usable.  Please note you may have to remove your glove to change the screen as some gloves will not allow enough static to pass through, however some summer gloves do work fine.  

Ultimateaddons Hard Case Samsung Galaxy S8+

IPX5 Rated Waterproof Level

The Ultimateaddons Tough Case range are all designed to be mounted to motorcycles and operate all year round.  These cases offer the highest possible level of waterproofness without restricting the ability to charge and operate your Smartphone.  If you are planning an adventure on your motorcycle and looking to take your Smartphone, these cases are recommended to protect and power your Galaxy S8 while you ride.    Please note only the Ultimateaddons power adapter cable will work with this case.  

Motorbike Waterproof Mount Case Kit for Samsung Galaxy S8+

Kick Stand

The Samsung Galaxy S8 cases feature the integrated kick stand, handy for when you stop for a break.  The kick stand allows you to rest the phone at an angle in landscape mode, allowing easier viewing and operation.   

Examples of the Samsung Galaxy S8 Tough Case Mounted To Motorcycles

Applecross Scottish Highlands

Samsung Galaxy S8 Tough Hard Motorcycle Waterproof Case



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