Apple iPhone 7 Plus Tough Case from Ultimateaddons

Apple iPhone 7 Plus Tough Case from Ultimateaddons

The new iPhone 7 Plus Smartphone with offers a 5.5" screen which can be used Sat Nav while your are touring on your motorcycle.  This tough case has been designed around being mounted to motorcycles.  Designed with the Ultimateaddons 3 prong connection system on the back, this case can be used with a wide range of mounting attachments. This case is replicates the same features as on the iPhone 7 case only made in a smaller form factor. 

 Ultimateaddons Tough Mount Case for iPhone 7 Plus


Phone Functions

The new tough case incorporates many of the great features from the iPhone 6 serious tough case with some new modifications.  

The Ultimateaddons iPhone 7 Plus case now supports Apple Touch ID for when you want to access the iPhone functions with your gloves off.  This feature simply saves you the time and hassle of typing in a numeric code to unlock your iPhone.  

The touch screen can be operated through the clear touch screen panel, some lighter gloves will work with the case. Access to both power button and volume controls via silicone pressure buttons. Front and rear camera access (no flash to be used). Headphone jack and power / sync cable access.

Apple iPhone 7 Plus waterproof motorcycle case



Power Management 

Due to the power consumption when using your iPhone 7 as sat nav on your motorcycle we highly recommend powering the iPhone while riding.   There are two main power methods available when mounted, the Hardwire Charging Kit & the Din Hella Charging Kit.  
Hardwire Charging Kit
The hardwire charging kit is compatible with 99.9% of motorcycles, you simply connect the 12v battery terminals to your battery then connect the adapter to your iPhone.  

Din Hella Charging Kit
The Din / Hella charger is found on some newer model motorcycles including BMW / Triumph & Ducati (manufacturers are starting to make this port their accessory charger option).  The Din Socket location can vary on motorcycle, some are very handy and are close to the handlebars while others are found below the seat of the motorcycle.

Examples of the iPhone 7 4.7" Tough Case Mounted 

iPhone 7 Plus motorcycle tough mount case


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