iPhone 6 / 6s 4.7" Tough Case by Ultimateaddons

iPhone 6 / 6s 4.7

The iPhone 6 / 6s Smartphone with offers a 4.7" screen which can be used Sat Nav while your are touring on your motorcycle.  This tough case has been designed around being mounted to motorcycles.  Designed with the Ultimateaddons 3 prong connection system on the back, this case can be used with a wide range of mounting attachments.  This case is replicates the same features as on the iPhone 6 / 6s case only made in a smaller form factor. 

The outer shell of this case is made with hard durable plastic. The inside has a customised rubber waterproof insert with cut outs for most major phone functions.

On the top there is access to the on/off switch. To the left there are the volume buttons and to the base there is access to the headphone socket with an improved rubber cap to cover socket while not in use and the charging port for our hard wire charging cable (please note that only the Ultimateaddons cables will fit this case, other cables may not fit).

On the front and rear there are transparent cut outs for the camera, speaker and earpiece functions, ideal for using the camera function to take photo's or videos while the phone is protected in it's case.

The case locks with 2 super strong easy accessible clips and 3 new pressure clips this gives the case a water-tight seal around the Apple iPhone 6 4.7" with the touch screen is still usable. The case comes with a screen protector and useful lanyard.


iPhone 6 motorcycle case

IPX5 Rated Waterproof Level

This case has been rated to waterproof rating IPX5, higher than previous cases. Care should be taken to ensure that the case is locked properly and plugs are correctly inserted before use. This product should not be submerged in water, it has been designed to help protect your Apple iPhone 6 4.7" from dust and weather conditions allowing it to be safely used outdoors.

Motorcycle tough case for Apple iPhone 6


Phone Functions

The Ultimateaddons tough case gives you access to most of the iPhone 6 4.7" functions while helping to protect it in the case. The touch screen can be operated through the clear touch screen panel, some lighter gloves will work with the case. Access to both power button and volume controls via silicone pressure buttons. Front and rear camera access (no flash to be used). Headphone jack and power / sync cable access.

Please note that thumbprint recognition is not possible through the screen, use pin lock as alternative.


Examples of the iPhone 6 / 6s 4.7" Tough Case Mounted 

iPhone 6 waterproof tough mount case for motorcycles

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