Hardwire Cable Kit Explained

Hardwire Cable Kit Explained

The hardwire cable kit is designed to allow you to charge a 5v mobile electronic device whether it being a Smartphones / GPS / MP3 etc from your motorcycles 12v battery.  The hardwire cable kit is suitable for almost all motorcycles.   

The hardwire cable is straight forward positive and negative connection and will only take a few minutes to install if you have easy access to your bikes battery. Routing the cable up to the handlebars can be the tricky bit as sometimes it easier and better to pop the petrol off on some motorcycles.  

Hardwire Explained

Hardwire Cable Kit

The first thing you need to do is locate your motorcycles battery, really you should konw where this is :-).  In most cases its below the pillion seat but on some bikes like the Honda African twin its hidden away behind some other components. 

Once you have found the battery check that you can access both terminals and now is the time to start planning the route you are going to run the cable, in some cases its much more practical to lift the tank up and run the cable through and straight up to the handlebars.  However its sometimes easier to pop the side fairings off and hide the cable behind the fairings, it all depends on your bike.  

Please note that the dropbox can stay close to the battery and the on and off switch only has to be turned off if you are leaving the bike parked up not being used a for a few days. 

Range of devices that can be charged using the hardwire charging kit from Ultimateaddons 

Device Adapter Cables

Ultimateaddons offer a wide range of adapter cables however only certain cables will work with their Tough Case range, if you order a cable with a tough case we will ensure you get the correct cable.  Ultimateaddons offer Micro USB / Micro USB V3 / Apple 8 Pin / Apple 30 Pin / Mini USB. 


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