U-Bolt Attachment - Explained

U-Bolt Attachment - Explained

The metal U-Bolt handlebar attachment from Ultimateaddons is one of the most commonly used attachments.  This attachment is suitable for a wide range of motorcycles with the diameter being under 20mm across it does not require much space on the handlebars.  The U-bolt comes with two different size U pieces 16-20mm / 25-32mm. 


U-Bolt Attachment

The first thing to do is locate the position on your handlebars where you would like to attach the U-bolt.  Carefully measure the diameter of the handlebars at that point and then measure the width that you have for the attachment.  

The U-Bolt is under 20mm wide and comes with two different U pieces which cover 16-20mm / 25-32mm.  The attachment is supplied with rubber pieces which can be used between the handlebar and the attachment if necessary.    

Place the U-Bolt piece on top of the handlebars and insert the U piece and check the length of the U piece that protrudes to ensure it is enough for the nuts to be connected, tighten.  

 Ultimateaddons metal ubolt mount attachment


Once Attached 

Now that you have a 25mm ball attachment you have a wide choice of products that you can now attach to your motorcycle.  As the handlebar clamp bolt attachment has the 25mm / 1" ball head you can also connect the 3" extender to give you freedom with positioning.

Metal u-bolt extender mount by Ultimateaddons

Suitable for a wide range of electronic devices

Motorcycle Ubolt attachment from Ultimateaddons

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