Pro Handlebar Attachment - Explained

Pro Handlebar Attachment - Explained

The pro motorcycle handlebar attachment by Ultimateaddons was designed to fit onto handlebars with a diameter of 19-33mm.  The attachment offers a 360 degree rotation ball head with the 3 prong connection system.  This attachment requires approximately 44mm on the handlebars. 

On the top of the attachment is an adjustable ball with 3 prong plate, this can be adjusted 360° and also tilted to give you a better viewing angle.

This attachment will attach to your vehicle handlebars securely and can be used on a variety of handle bar diameters ranging from approximately 19-33mm.

Please note; this listing is for the holder attachment only and does not include a dedicated holder for your device. These are available to buy separately from our shop or as bundled packages, which can save you a lot of money.

Pro Handlebar Attachment

The first thing to do is locate the position on your handlebars where you would like to attach the pro handlebar attachment.  Carefully measure the diameter of the handlebars at that point and then measure the width that you have for the attachment.  As the top of the attachment can rotate 360 degrees ensure you have ample space.  

The pro handlebar requires approximately 44mm and supports bar diameters between 19-33mm.     


Suitable for a wide range of electronic devices

Ultimateaddons motorcycle pro handlebar attachment


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