M10 25mm Stud Attachment - Explained

M10 25mm Stud Attachment - Explained

The M10 25mm stud attachment from Ultimateaddons was designed to allow you to remove one of your M10 threaded mirrors to give you a mounting point.  

This attachment can also be used on the BMW K1200 handlebars, there is a hidden threaded hole below the BMW cap that BMW use for removing the motorcycles from their crates. 

The kit is supplied in in 2 sizes , M10 size screw with 1.25 and 1.5 pitch and a 1" (25mm) Ball Mount, allowing various holders to be attached. This type of mount is ideal for those who do not want the handlebars of their vehicle to be cluttered.

Motorcycle Mirror Mount - M10 Stud Attachment


M10 Stud Attachment 

The first thing to do is check where you would like to mount the attachment, you may wish to remove one of your mirrors.  We supply two different attachments one has a thread pitch of 1.5 and one has a thread pitch of 1.25, please check before trying to tighten as you could damage the threads.  

Fitting the M10 Stud Motorcycle Attachment

Once Attached 

Now that you have a 25mm ball attachment you have a wide choice of products that you can now attach to your motorcycle.  As the handlebar clamp bolt attachment has the 25mm / 1" ball head you can also connect the 3" extender to give you freedom with positioning.

Motorcycle Mirror Mount with Extender Connected


Suitable for a wide range of electronic devices

Motorcycle Mirror Mount M10 Stud by Ultimateaddons


Click here to buy the M10 motorcycle stud attachment by Ultimateaddons

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