Helix Strap Attachment - Explained

Helix Strap Attachment - Explained
The Helix locking strap from Ultimateaddons is an extremely universal attachment with can support a wide range of bar diameters from 21-40mm.  The helix attachment is the 2nd generation of the Ultimateaddons locking strap attachments offering both features from the Ultimateaddons Quick Release / Ultimateaddons Locking Strap together into one great mounting attachment.    

Helix Strap Attachment

The first thing to do is locate the position on your handlebars where you would like to attach the Helix Strap attachment.  Carefully measure the diameter of the handlebars at that point and then measure the width that you have for the attachment.  As the top of the attachment can rotate 360 degrees ensure you have ample space.  

The helix strap requires approximately 33mm however the top rotating 3 prong requires around 45mm and supports bar diameters between 21-40mm.     

Place the attachment on top of the handlebars run the strap around the bar and feed the strap back into the attachment and tighten.  

Suitable for a wide range of electronic devices


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  • Steven Gourlay
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