Fork Stem - Sportsbike Mounting Attachment Explained.

Fork Stem - Sportsbike Mounting Attachment Explained.

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is "i have a sportsbike bike how do i mount my iPhone".  As sportsbikes / sports tourers don't have the standard round handlebars and in most cases they have very little space.  

Having a mounting point on a sportsbike gives you a lot of possibilities from mounting an action camera to record your track day to recording you touring Europe.  You can use the fork stem attachment to mount dedicated motorcycle GPS or to mount your Smartphone or even a radar detector.  

Fork Stem

First thing is to locate the fork stem, on some motorcycles there will be a plastic cap covering the fork stem, this obviously needs to be removed.   Once you have access to the fork stem you need to measure the diameter of the fork stem, please also check the the fork stem does not get narrower further down, its not very often but on some bikes this is the case.  

Ultimateaddons currently offer several different sizes that expand, see sizes below.

10-13.2mm Fork Stem
13.3-14.7mm Fork Stem
15.0-17.2mm Fork Stem
17.5-20.5mm Fork Stem
20.5-24.5mm Fork Stem


Fork Stem Attachment 

First thing is to locate the fork stem, on some motorcycles there will be a plastic cap, insert the attachment and use an Allen key to tighten the attachment.  Each turn of the Allen key will make the two pieces of the attachment expand outward.  


Once Attached 

Now that you have a 25mm ball attachment you have a wide choice of products that you can now attach to your sportsbike.  As the fork stem attachment has the 25mm / 1" ball head you can also connect the 3" extender to give you freedom with positioning.


Suitable for a wide range of motorcycles

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