August 17, 2016 1 min read

This adapter from Ultimateaddons is designed to allow you to mount your TomTom Rider powered mount to an Ultimateaddons 3 prong mounting attachment.   This adapter converts the 4 hole AMPS layout to have a 3 prong female connection which then allows you to mount directly to a 3 prong attachment / adapter.  

Pictured below is the adapter connected to the TomTom powered adapter (supplied by Tomtom) and the power adapter then connected to the Ultimateaddons mirror mounting kit. 


TomTom Rider Amps to 3 Prong Ultimateaddons

Suitable for a wide range of mounting attachments

Ultimateaddons TomTom Rider Adapter


Click here to purchase the 3 Prong Female to Amps Layout for TomTom Rider

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